Airscale Radio Access

The Challenge

Nokia was ready to launch its next generation, 5G-ready AirScale Radio Access solution at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The launch was a big deal, but it posed a bit of a challenge.

Sometimes the greatest innovations are invisible – or more specifically, you don’t notice them because they work so well, you don’t need to. That was exactly the case with Nokia AirScale Radio Access. So how do you tell the story of something you can’t really see?

Our Role

The launch of Nokia AirScale Radio Access was a big deal, so we built hype by creating a teaser film that lived on YouTube in the lead-up to MWC.

At the actual event, people in the industry knew something big was about to happen. And when the film hit the MWC screen, the news was out: Sometimes the biggest thing you’ll ever see is the biggest thing you’ll never see.

The Result

The film and AirScale were both hits at MWC and the launch was covered by a slew of media in Finland and around the world.

The Biggest Thing You'll Ever See

Campaign film for Nokia